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Book review: The Brass Verdict ( Michael Connely)

The Brass Verdict by Michael Connely

Book review: The Brass Verdict ( Michael Connely)

actually i already bought this book a long time a go..
so it just sit there on my bookshelf..hihi..
so gonna write a review about this book.

the brass verdict is about a denfense anttorney mickey haller..
when his old friend jerry vincent has been killed cold blooded...mickey  inherited all the jerry's case.
included walter elliot case,a prominent studio executive who has been accused murdered his wife and  her lover.

as working the case mickey realize that jerry have found a "magic bullet" that can solve the case.
however his friends have been killed because of this case and his friends laptop also being stolen.
during working the case mickey stumble upon bosch.Bosch a police that working on the jerry murder case.Bosch give a hint to mickey that fbi very intrested about walter elliot case.
from there mickey fiqure out something and connect the puzzle.

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why i like The Brass Verdict by Michael Connely?

firstly i already like the all of his books are my favorite..haha..
connely know how to write a mystery novel..he knoe how to make you read his novel.
besides that i like his writing style that simple and easy for me to understand.

some tips for you if read this must know all the this novel..
remember every little detail in this novel..because if you lost while reading the novel you will not understand the plot..haha..
learn from me..because i need to rewind the novel..hihi..
and that the best part of this novel,,

i also did not see the ending coming that way..very twisted...
every page full with mystery that worth your time reads this novel..

praises for the brass verdict

“Bestseller Connelly delivers one of his most intricate plots to date in his 20th book”
Publishers Weekly

“Clever plotting, numerous twists, satisfying yet surprising endings and crystal-clear writing. If you are already a fan, [Connelly’s] twentieth book will satisfy like a case of your favorite treat. If you’ve lived in a cave and have never tried a Connelly novel, dive in—you’ll love it.”

 Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine

“When it comes to series mysteries, there’s everybody else and then there’s Michael Connelly. Is he really that good, you ask? Oh yeah, he’s really that good. …So as not to give away too much of the plot, let’s just say this: The Brass Verdict is a certified page-turner that will suck you in from page one, and not let you go until the final sentence.”

Bruce Tierney, Book Page

if you is a hard fan of mystery novel, this novel should be on your reading list

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