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Book review: The Crossing Places(Elly Griffiths)

the crossing places by Elly Griffiths

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today im gonna review mystery novel by elly.let me tell the synopsis of this book.
the crossing places is about an female archeologist ruth galloway who lives happily alone in remote area called saltmash that is near Nortfolk,land that was sacred to its iron age inhabitants.

one find day chief inspector harry nelson calls galloway for help because a child's bones are found on a desolated beach nearby.nelson think the bones were remains of lucy downey, a little girl who went missing ten years ago.since the disapprences of lucy nelson has been receiving bizarre letters about the disappreace of lucy.the letter came with references to ritual and sacrifice.

ruth were drawn into lucy case because of the letter. this is because the writer of the letter have both archaeology knowledge and eerie psyshic powers. then another child goes missing and the hunt is on to find her.

as the writer of the letter move closer to norfolk,ruth find herself in completely new territory and his life were at stake.

whose bone were found at the beach?it is lucy?
are lucy already death?
who is the writer of the letter?
can ruth save the missing child?

you will find all the answer when you start to read this novel.

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my review about this books

hoenestly i enjoy read this book, however since i read alot of crime n mystery novel i find out that the plot for this novel is not twisted.there is no "wow" in it. besides that you can guess the killer when you read half of the books.

this is the first attempt by elly griffiths to write a mystery novel. i really proud of her becouse she challenged herself to write a different genre and came out from her comfort zone,  im looking forward for elly griffith next novel. i hope there is sequel for crossing places becouse im dying to know what really happened between ruth and harry..sorry for the spoiler..hehe..

when read the novel im totally fall in love with nortfolk is one of my places to visit before i die. and i also want to see the see the "seahenge"...thanks to elly because she describe the nortfolk so beautifull...before this i didnlt know if nortfolk is existed..haha..

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praises for the crossing places by elly griffiths

"Elly Griffiths draws us all the way back to prehistoric times Highly atmospheric." 
The New York Times Book Review

"Griffiths does a lot to humanize forensic archaeology and serves up great dollops of historical details in her Ruth Galloway series Griffiths is great at conveying the archaeologist s passion for finds, forensic or historic." 
Booklist, starred review

"Ruth Galloway is a remarkable, delightful character A must-read for fans of crime and mystery fiction." 
Associated Press

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