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novel review : for one more day (mitch albom)

for one more day by Mitch Albom

for one more day novel review

urm.ok today entry little bit different because i want to write a review in English..haha..
don't laugh at me..because this is one of my practice to improve my writing skills..
i didn't write in English for almost a year so my writing become rusty and my grammar..urr..don't wanna talk about it..

back to novel..the first novel that i want to review is for one more day by Mitch Albom.
this novel make me in love with mitch albom works..his novel were so good..
urm...i read for one more day..more than twice..haha..everytime i read it..i became ispired..

the novel begin with..

let me guess. you want to know why i tried to kill myself..

ok the book is about charley(chick) benetto life. yup..this is based on the true story.
in a life of chick there a time that he didn't want to live anymore because he think his live were suck...if u want to know why his live were suck..u must read the novel..

then chick decide to take his own life at his old house..on the way to the mission he got into very  bad accident. miraculously he survive the crush and didn't happy about that because he still live..
so he walk to his old house and decide to take his own live there..

when he arrive at the house..he were surprised because his death mother were alive and walking in that house like nothing were happened.this is when the story become more interesting...

from now own chick will learn a secrete that he didn't know before..
a secrete that his mother hide from him..
a secrete why his father suddenly disappeared in his live..
a secrete that will change his live...

if u want to know the secrete...u must read the novel...

why i like for one more day by mitch albom??

every time i read this love to my mother become stronger..
this book will make u believe the power of mother love..
a mother will do anything to her children..
this novel will make u  cry and it also will make u smile..
so what stop u from read this beautiful novel...

chick's final thoughts..

this novel end with chick final thoughts.i want to share it with you because i think its very beautiful words and move my hearts..

"my mother,somewhere between this worlds and the next..
gave me one more day,the day i'd wanted so badly,
and she told me all that i've told you"

so..if you want to know what are the thing that chick's mother told him..u must read the novel...

praises for one more day

"for one more day will make u smile..
it will make u wistful...
it will make u blink back tears of nostalgia..
but..most of will make u believe in the eternal power of a mother's love"
James Mcbride(author of the color of water)

i hope you will read this novel.this novel will your love to your mother will become stronger..
trust me..or perhaps u can give this book to your children..and it will your children love u more..

you have a novel that inspired you??please share with me in the comment section below...

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