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Catch Pokemon in Syria

Pokemon Go release in Syria??

today i write a entry in english not malay becouse i want people all around the coutry read this entry..
this entry is very important so that it will realeaze what is really happend ni syria.
before that i want explain a little bit about Pokemom Go..

What is Pokemon Go??

Pokemom Go is an apps that is used to catch pokemon...or a game to catch pokemon
this apps become very popular nowadays and become a phenomenal aroud the globe..
people all around the wolrd are play this game except certain country such as malaysia because Pokemom Go is not release yet...huhu...

in order to catch a poke..player need to travel..
some poke only can found at certain place only especially lagendry pokemon..
so..player must travel as much as they can if they want to  catch many poke..
besides order to hatch s eggs..player also need to travel..
for hatch a eggs.. player need to travel 2km...
different eggs have different distance in order to hatch..

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whats is the relation between syria and Pokemom Go??

actually this is the main reason i write this entry...
yesterday when i was in facebook,,,i come acroos with this picture..
this picture has make me think..and has move me...

what is this picture all about?? why they held a poke pic??
this is a Syrian child...
actually thia Syrian child want tho tell that..poke also have in syria..
in syria you also can catch pickachoo, azumaril, and blastoise..
so they want peopel who play Pokemom Go to go catch pokemon at syria..

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why they want us catch poke in syria??
the main reason is....this child want people all around the world realise..what really happend in syrria,,
there is a war in syria..child..women are killed every day..
i know many of us did not realise it,,becouse we live in peace country..

we still have enoygh food..n still have time to play Pokemom Go..
have we ever put ourself in their shooes??
or we just happy with our life..n pretend this is not happening becouse it doest involvel our family??
or its just they are muslim..n we didnt care...
but how about muslim all around the world??are they blind?? you can understand the meaning behind this photo??
this picture make me fell really guilty if i play Pokemom Go
because..i know..i cannot reach syria to catch poke...
n i destroy the hope of innocent syrian child...
besides  what the point to play Pokemom Go if you just travel around your hometown to catch pokemon??

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we may not as famous and rich as angelina jolie who can go to humantrian mission..
but we have more powerfull tool...that is internet...use internet to make people realise what is really happened in syria..
for peole who doesnt know what happened in syria n can google..
for a muslim...we have please include them in our doa everyday...
and the easiet thing to do is...

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  1. Hmmmm, this post make me realize about war that happen in muslim countries .. feel sad for them :( ..

    1. the only things that we can do is..pray for them.



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