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who is Omran Daqneesh?

who is this boy??

this is  Omran Daqneesh

this boy is  Omran Daqneesh..and this picture become viral in the media social.this picture show what really happened in Aleppo,Syria. Omran Daqneesh also represent a children in Syria. if you see this picture and you fell horrible..well that what are really happened to Syrian's children everyday.can you imagine it??

Omran Daqneesh were live with his family  in Allepo,Syria. on Wednesday(17/8/2016) his house were destroy by airstrike he and his family were survived.can you put yourself in his shoes,one one fine day you were sitting at dinner table with your family and then came a bomb from no where and it destroy your house.this bomb also can kill you..can you imagine...what are the sin of this little children??who are nasty little bastard that have a gut to kill a family??.
the activist believe that its Syrian 0r Russia fault for the bombing

if you think this picture sad,,.and wait until i explained what really happened and you will cry.

the picture above is when Omran Daqneesh were being save by people and  place in an ambulance.actually he was the first person in his family that being save by people,so he were sitting there waiting for his other family member.

we can see that he just a small boy wearing cartoon t-shirt just like our children but the different is his were cover with dust form head to toe.,meanwhile at the same time his head were bleeding. this boy were very brave..he did not cry and he is in shock.he just looks dazed as he sits on the ambulance's orange seat.his hands on his lap as he waited for somebody to help him.

then Omran Daqneesh raise his left hand to his eye,perhaps he fell little pain there.he wipes his face and look down at the blood.he just stare at the blood and pretend nothing were happened,this photo is not fake,this photo show to us that something were really happen in Syria. this photo were taken from the video  posted by by Allepo Media Centre

this story repeated every day

you think Omran Daqneesh story were worst,,guest what..this story were repeated every day.
almost 19,000 Syrian were being killed in Aleppo from 15/3/2011 including 4,500 children,according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

where is humanity in us??why the world is silence??

thousand of children like Omran were being bombed daily...killed daily..tortured daily..everyday Alleppo were being hit by all kind of weapon,,you name it...

what choices did they have??

many of you say that why not just run away..and become a refugee,,
if they run..which country want to help them??
Europe county did not want them...they chase them from their county..
USA?? Donald trump...can answer it...
so were on this earth they can stay???

lets say if they have a place to stay..you think this children can survive a long journey??
can they survive from the sea??
can they survive from harsh weather??

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but,,if they stay at Syria...they will end up dead or end up like Omran..
this Sudanese artist capture the right dilemma for Syrian's childeren

khalid Albaih arts.

Albaih said the inspiration for this arts is "My inspiration came from the fact that I consider myself a refugee. My children are within the same age and could also be in the same situation."

i literally crying when i were writing this article...the picture of Omran give such impact to me..because of that picture..i write this article...this the only things that i can do to help him and Syrian's children.i just can make world know what really happened in Syria.

its not just me who were moved by Omran..this CNN anchorwomen also crying when reads the news about Omran..

so now your turn,,share this article

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