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Google remove palestine from goole maps

where is Palestine in the google maps?

two days before this i'm scroll Facebook and saw one status..
the status make me shock n furious..the status said that google remove Palestine from goole maps first i'm not believe it so i try to google it at google maps..
and the result is very maps replace Palestine with Israel..

because of that im writing this post...i'm want people all around the world know that google do something stupid..
if you follow my blog you will notice of the reason im write a entry in English becouse i want people all around the world read this article.

ok back to issues..this the result from google can see clearly that google replace Palestine with Israel.

can you find where is Palestine??

where is palestine??can you find it??ot i just blind becouse i cannot find it on the google maps.
why i angry??it just a maps. for me israel is not country...they came and replace it with their owm country...that soo rude you know...ok lets me explain to you the history of israel..where it came from..and why i said israel is not a country..

first you must see the maps below so that it will make you undestand better.

OK the story begin when Jew seek for protection and they became a refugee at Palestine the Jew came to the Palestine and say "please help us..hitler want to kill us and we must run and seek for protection".Palestine were so kind and they welcome the Jew to stay there.they said that "yes you can stay here as long as you want". Palestine give a land for them to you can see on 1946 the Jew stay on the small part of the Palestine.

but the Jew is ungrateful son of the @#!&.they become the dog who bite their own the year came by they stole Palestinian land and claim as their own land. from there the Jew build their own county name Israel. did you know how many innocent man,women and children were killed during Jew build their own country??its countless...and now Palestinian become a refugee at their own land.

can you imagine if this happened to your country..and not Palestine..
can you imagine people who seek protection,,and people who you help them..claim your country as their country..
not just that..they killed children and make you become a refugee at your own land...
know you know why i am angry and become so is wrong for me to become angry??

actually im not angry with Israel..because i already know that is Israel is ungrateful son of @#^^%.they are the most cruel people in the world.i already angry at them for such along time.

but today im angry at google...why they remove Palestine from google maps and replace it with Israel.
i know Israel is behind this. before this i really admired google..i wish i can work at your company..
but after this expectation toward google change completely 100%..

shame on you google for remove Palestine from google maps

please put back Palestine on goole maps.israel is not a country.

p/s: i already backup my blog in case it were removed@ deleted by google. FYI many page about Palestine were deleted by Israel.



  1. The Jews have been there for thousands of years and there's archaeological evidence to support this. The Romans owned it then Britain then Britain gave it away so they would have support in that area in WW1 and not have to worry about the various natives fighting them.



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