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novel review : Wild Justice (Philllip Margolin)

Wild Justice by Phillip Margolin

novel review : Wild Justice (Philllip Margolin)

now..time for me to review a novel..
when review a novel i write in english k..huhu..
sorry its the only way for me to improve my english..

ok,,before this i already review mitch albom masterpiece that is For One More Day
today i review wild justice which is totally different from for one more day,,
wild justice  is about psycho,crime, thriller and gore...which is i like..haha..

wild justice is about criminal defense attorney amanda.amanda is the star in this novel.
in the early of the novel..amanda need to defense vincent cardoni, a brilliant surgeon with history of drug abuse and violence.vincent was accused of torturing and murdering 9 people in the wooods of oregon. he facing with insurmountable wall of evidence but cardoni claimed that he was framed by his amanda was hired to defense him.howover on a technicalitty he was released. soon after that..he mysteriously disappeared.

you think the novel end just the intro..
now came the fun part..after 4 years more body show up..
the bizarre part is..its the same MO as the murders four years ago..
but this time one of the victims is cardoni's wife..
so..who is the killer??who done it??
its is cardoni came back and strike the murder again??
or its just a copycat??
all of this will answer once you read the novel..
and trust me...its a fun ride to read the novel..

why i like Wild Justice??

ok..first of all..i really like the genre..i like thriller and crime..
so wild justice really suite me..and the gore part in it..were a magic touch..
the best part about the novel is..i keep..changing the suspect..
the author very clever to make a plot that make me doubt about my decision..
however..because i read alot of crime half of the novel..i already know the murderer.. i said before,,the author make me doubt he manage to make me read the novel until finished even though i know who did it..

this novel is very page turner..once i read it..i cannot put it down..and i finished the novel just in 3 days...which is very rare..haha..becaouse  average time for me to read a novel is a month.huhu..
you can guest whose is the murderer before finished the novel??urmm...
but...if you just read a crime novel..i doubt u can guest the murderer..hihi..

praises for Wild Justice

"the scariest book i've read since red dragon"
(micheal palmer, author of the patient)

"stunner, a chiller, and a tour de force from an author at the top of hs form"
(library journal)

"you'll be turning pages and keeping the lights on all the way to the end"
(new orleans times-picayune)

so what you waiting for...go grab and read the novel know...

do you enjoy read this novel...??

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