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klick banner diatas untuk join segmen nie,,

ok,,dah lama rasanya yuk x join nak start join balik lar..hihi,,
sambil2 dok blogwalking,,terjumpa satu giveaway yang sangat menarik..
giveaway nie dapat hadiah novel..huhu...yuk mmang xleh dngar psal novel..haha
sbb yuk nie kaki novel..suka baca novel n suka wat koleksi...

ok..antara syarat give away nie kena buat satu sinopsis pasal novel yang kita pernah baca..
sbb yuk nie poyo yuk nak bagi lebih dari satu novel...hahaha..
ape kelas kan tulis satu novel je kan,,,bg lar bnyak2 baru nmpak ckit ulat buku(poyo lagi)
n nmpak lar usah untuk menang give awaynie,,hihi..

ok jom kita tngok novel ape yang yuk nak explain..nie yuk bg ckit je..
klau bg semua novel yang yuk baca..panjang plak..haha..
maaf lar..arie nie mood poyo tu membuak-buak plak..
before uols rasa mnyampah...baik yuk trus explain psal novel..

1)for one more day by Mitch Albom.

novel review,review

this  novel begin with..

let me guess. you want to know why i tried to kill myself..

ok the book is about charley(chick) benetto life. yup..this is based on the true story.
in a life of chick there a time that he didn't want to live anymore because he think his live were suck...if u want to know why his live were suck..u must read the novel..

then chick decide to take his own life at his old house..on the way to the mission he got into very  bad accident. miraculously he survive the crush and didn't happy about that because he still live..
so he walk to his old house and decide to take his own live there..

when he arrive at the house..he were surprised because his death mother were alive and walking in that house like nothing were happened.this is when the story become more interesting...

from now own chick will learn a secrete that he didn't know before..
a secrete that his mother hide from him..
a secrete why his father suddenly disappeared in his live..
a secrete that will change his live...

for more info about this novel you can read my novel review : for one more day (mitch albom)

2)brass verdict by michael connely

novel review,review

the brass verdict is about a denfense anttorney mickey haller..
when his old friend jerry vincent has been killed cold blooded...mickey  inherited all the jerry's case.
included walter elliot case,a prominent studio executive who has been accused murdered his wife and  her lover.

as working the case mickey realize that jerry have found a "magic bullet" that can solve the case.
however his friends have been killed because of this case and his friends laptop also being stolen.
during working the case mickey stumble upon bosch.Bosch a police that working on the jerry murder case.Bosch give a hint to mickey that fbi very intrested about walter elliot case.
from there mickey fiqure out something and connect the puzzle.

want to know why i really like this novel??perhaps you can read Book review: The Brass Verdict ( Michael Connely)

3)novel review : Wild Justice (Philllip Margolin)

novel review,review

wild justice  is about psycho,crime, thriller and gore...which is i like..haha..
wild justice is about criminal defense attorney amanda.amanda is the star in this novel.
in the early of the novel..amanda need to defense vincent cardoni, a brilliant surgeon with history of drug abuse and violence.vincent was accused of torturing and murdering 9 people in the wooods of oregon. he facing with insurmountable wall of evidence but cardoni claimed that he was framed by his amanda was hired to defense him.howover on a technicalitty he was released. soon after that..he mysteriously disappeared.

you think the novel end just the intro..
now came the fun part..after 4 years more body show up..
the bizarre part is..its the same MO as the murders four years ago..
but this time one of the victims is cardoni's wife..
so..who is the killer??who done it??

more info about this novel at novel review : Wild Justice (Philllip Margolin)

4)The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths

novel review,review

the crossing places is about an female archeologist ruth galloway who lives happily alone in remote area called saltmash that is near Nortfolk,land that was sacred to its iron age inhabitants.

one find day chief inspector harry nelson calls galloway for help because a child's bones are found on a desolated beach nearby.nelson think the bones were remains of lucy downey, a little girl who went missing ten years ago.since the disapprences of lucy nelson has been receiving bizarre letters about the disappreace of lucy.the letter came with references to ritual and sacrifice.

ruth were drawn into lucy case because of the letter. this is because the writer of the letter have both archaeology knowledge and eerie psyshic powers. then another child goes missing and the hunt is on to find her.

as the writer of the letter move closer to norfolk,ruth find herself in completely new territory and his life were at stake.

more info about this novel here Book review: The Crossing Places(Elly Griffiths)

5)Moscow Rule by Daniel Silva

novel review,review

Moscow Rule is the 8th book Daniel Silva write about Gabriel Allon,the Israel secret agent.actually this is my first time read daniel silva books so i had no idea n history about Gabriel allon .however i still can understand the plot of this novel.

the story begin with allon and his wife were on honeymoon and allon were summoned by Israel government for an important mission.the mission were simple, allon must travel to Rome to meet Russian journalist. the Russian journalist had important information about a treat to the west but he only tell it to allon.

unfortunately the journalist were killed before pass the information to allon. because of that allon travel to Russia in order to find out what was the journalist wanted to tell him.
in oder to find out what really happen..allon life were in danger and he must learn to play by the "Moscow Rule".

want to know more about this intresting here Book review: Moscow Rule (Daniel Silva)

ok lar yuk rasa ckup 5 novel je..klau lebih dari 5 kan..muntah plak kan..hahaha
sorry lar yuk wat synopsis in english..tu bkn poyo ye..hihi
sbb novel synopsis dlm english lar..baru best ckit..bru umph..nak karang..
lgpun..klau in bi nmpak unik ckkit..klau unik..mesti nak menang pun snnag kan,,hihi..
hopefully yuk dpt lar novel tu..

bagi yg ulat buku,,giveaway nie yg uols patut join,,ape tnggu lagi..join skrang,,

jom join segmen nie,,



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