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Book review: Moscow Rule (Daniel Silva)

Moscow Rule by Daniel Silva

Book review: Moscow Rule (Daniel Silva)

Moscow Rule is the 8th book Daniel Silva write about Gabriel Allon,the Israel secret agent.actually this is my first time read daniel silva books so i had no idea n history about Gabriel allon .however i still can understand the plot of this novel.

the story begin with allon and his wife were on honeymoon and allon were summoned by Israel government for an important mission.the mission were simple, allon must travel to Rome to meet Russian journalist. the Russian journalist had important information about a treat to the west but he only tell it to allon.

unfortunately the journalist were killed before pass the information to allon. because of that allon travel to Russia in order to find out what was the journalist wanted to tell him.
in oder to find out what really happen..allon life were in danger and he must learn to play by the "Moscow Rule".

what is Moscow Rule??
what is the information that Russian journalist want to pass??
who are the demon behind all of this??

all i can tell you is you must read the novel..i don't want to spoil the fun.

[must read: the brass verdict by michael connely)

It is Moscow Rule worth to read??

many said that Moscow rule is not the best books that daniel write. Moscow rule cannot beat the kill artist,which is the first book daniel write about Allon character. but for me i like the book.
it s fun ride and a page turner .even though Moscow rule is quite thick,but i manage to finish it..yeah..
this books will take you a tour on Europe and also the dark side of Russia.

there is one thing i don't like about this book,  it is about Islam being terrorist. this book is one of the example that how media spread about Islamophobic. Daniel describe about Islam in this book is not true,,Islam is nit religions of terrorist but Islam is religion of peace. and no wonder this book tell bad thing about Islam because allon works with Israel. that would explain everything.

that is why i like to read English novel because i can learn what are western think about islam and people who took Islam as their religion.i'm not mad at people who think islam is terrosit but i sad for them..because they believe what media told them.i wish i had chance to show them how peaceful Islam is.

praises for Moscow Rule by daniel silva

“Thrills and humor…put Moscow Rules atop your summer beach book list.”
—St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Appealing characters and beautifully rendered settings.”
The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC)

“One of the most intriguing characters in modern spy fiction…a tense and exciting conclusion. Some series get boring after several books, but the adventures of Gabriel Allon just get better and better.”
The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News (Stuart, FL)


  1. kena minta bantuan google translte ni :( hihihhihi.. but nice book!!

    1. unni..klau guna google traslate nnti makin pening plak..hihihi..

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